Three more umpires have announced their retirement since the curtain closed on 2013. Stephen McBurney finished his career on 402 games and is now joined by boundary umpires Justin Bennison and Alan Zanich.

Justin has transferred his employment to the far North Queensland destination of Townsville.  “The opportunity to enhance my career in the banking industry was far to great to let pass”, said an excited Justin as he began the arduous task of packing his young family and heading off.  Justin hopes to be able to have some influence in AFL football as an emerging sport in a rugby stranglehold.  Justin umpired 205 games including 9 finals and the 2007 grand final.

WA based boundary umpire, Alan Zanich will miss his team mates terribly, and they will miss his hospitality after he made the decision to make 2013 his last season earlier in the year when he was struggling with injury.  Alan, will move on quickly to find another challenge following his 163 game career.  Alan umpired 3 finals in that total including the 2010 preliminary final.

They join Troy Mavroudis and Sergio Villagra who announced their retirements prior to the end of the season.

The AFLUD will be currently working through their list management processes with a view to have new contracts ready by November 1st for field, boundary and goal umpires.

zanich and bennison
Pictured: Alan Zanich and Justin Bennison

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