Welcome to the AFLUA

The mission of the AFL Umpire’s Association is to:

– Promote and advance the institutions of umpiring and the Game
– Encourage and foster the highest standards of officiating and citizenship amongst AFL umpires on and off the field
– Represent AFL Umpires and provide members with a consistently high standard of professional services

Executives and Delegates

The Executive is responsible for:

– Overseeing the performance of the Association as a whole
– Participating in the body that governs the AFLUA and interprets the constitution
– Liaising with the Chief Executive Officer, national delegates and umpires
– Has an active role in the development of policy

Who is the AFLUA


The AFLUA brand represents the values of ethical, responsible and accountable conduct, and the desire, the capability, and the strength and courage of ones convictions, to “make the right decision.

Values Statement

The Executive and members of the AFL Umpires Association are committed to fostering their core value of integrity.

Organisational Structure

The AFLUA is managed by an Executive Committee consisting of a President and three representatives, one from each category of umpiring; field, boundary and goal. Day to day management is in the hands of the Chief Executive Officer who is supported by the administration staff.  An advisory committee provides guidance and feedback to the Executive Committee. A State Representative Group facilitates effective communication with members nationally. Sub-committees are formed as required to deal with special projects and undertakings.

A full list of office bearers since 1909 can be found here