The VFL Second Eighteens Umpires’ Association (Reserve Grade from 1960) was formed in 1919 to provide field, boundary and goal umpires to the VFL Second Eighteens, metropolitan and VCFL competitions. It was disbanded in 1983 as part of the re-structuring of VFL umpiring.

Listed below are the known office-bearers from 1957 and the life members of the association. Also listed are the known umpires in the Second Eighteens/Reserve Grade (1919-82) and Under-19s (1962-82) Grand Finals. From 1938 the VFL Senior List provided umpires to the Second Eighteens/Reserve Grade competition.

Research is on-going and any information should be directed to the AFLUA Historian-Statistician.

Office Bearers 1957-1983

Year President Secretary Treasurer Social Secretary
1919 H. Beaumont F.L. Todd H.Bakes
1924 E.Dyer W.J. Craddock W.J. Craddock
1926 W.J. Craddock
1957 T.F.E. Cole D.J.W. Moore H.W. Marsh
1958 J.H. Risstrom D.J.W. Moore H.W. Marsh W.J Lane
1959 L.J. McLaren D.J.W. Moore
C.L. Plant
H.W. Marsh E.J. Evans
1960 C.R. Black C.L. Plant H.W. Marsh E.J. Evans
1961 I.D. Miller C.L. Plant H.N. Trickey K.G. Schwab
1962 F. Knight J.P. Tucker H.N. Trickey R. Nixon
1963 A. Cutting G.L.Baker H.N. Trickey R. Nixon
1964 P.C. Stokes J.P. Tucker H.N. Trickey
K.R. Barrah
R. Nixon
1965 F.P. McArdle J.P. Tucker K.R. Barrah R. Nixon
1966 G. Mather F. Knight K.R. Barrah R.W. Frost
1967 R.W. Hutson F. Knight K.R. Barrah R.W. Frost
1968 L.E. Johnson F. Knight K.R. Barrah G. Mather
1969 R.H. Round F. Knight F. Tilley G. Mather
1970 P.J. McKenna
R. Nixon
F. Knight F. Tilley L.J. Kauiers
1971 N.R. Ogier F. Knight J.E. Berrigan A.F. Murphy
1972 R.K. Marshall N.R. Ogier J.E. Berrigan A.F. Murphy
1973 L.E. Becker N.R. Ogier J.E. Berrigan A.F. Murphy
1974 R. Moyle N.R. Ogier N.R. Walker S. Kelly
1975 G. Gant N.R. Ogier N.R. Walker F. Robinson
1976 I.C. Britnell N.R. Ogier S.B. Capp I. Watts
1977 I. Lacey R.B. Nankervis E.R. Armstrong I. Watts
S. Dempster
1978 S.B. Capp R.B. Nankervis E.R. Armstrong I. Lacey
1979 D.C. Murray R.B. Nankervis E.R. Armstrong I. Lacey
1980 R.G. Fisher G.R. McNicol E.R. Armstrong I. Lacey
1981 G.J. Dempster G.R. McNicol E.R. Armstrong R.G. Fisher
1982 A.R. Grant A.J.Rankin E.R. Armstrong S. Crowther
1983 A.G. Hunt G.R. McNicol E.R. Armstrong  –