The first official International Rules Series was played in 1984 in Ireland, though Gaelic contests involving Australian teams date back to 1967. They were the brainchild of former VFL Grand Final umpire, entrepreneur and media man Harry Beitzel.

Gaelic games were played in Ireland against county and national sides in 1967, 1968 and 1978, with Australia winning all three series.

Official International Rules Series games, involving a combination of Australian Football and Gaelic rules, began in 1984 and continued in 1986, 1987 and 1990.

After an eight-year break, an annual series between Australia and Ireland was established in 1998 after a new agreement was struck between the AFL and the Gaelic Athletic Association.

However, after the 2006 series in Ireland, the GAA suspended the International Rules Series. The GAA and the AFL, after further discussions in early 2008, resumed the series in 2008.

The series was deferred in 2009 but resumed with a two-test series in Ireland in October, 2010, followed by Ireland’s tour of Australia in 2011. An all-star indigenous team toured Ireland in 2013 before the Aussies hosted Ireland in front of a sell-out Perth crowd in 2014.

The following umpires have officiated in International Rules Series test matches

YearTestScoreVenueAust. Ref.Aust. LMAust. GU
20171stAustralia 2.13.12 (63) d Ireland 1.13.8 (53)Adelaide OvalMatt StevicJason Moore, Mark Thomson, Matthew KonetschkaDaniel Hoskin, Michael Palm, Peter Challen, Steve Axon
20172ndAustralia 0.15.8 (53) d Ireland 2.10.8 (50)SubiacoMatt StevicAdam Bastick, Brett Dalgleish, Josh GarrettBrett Rogers, Daniel Wilson, Luke Edwards, Sally Boud
20151stIreland 3.11.5 (56) d Australia 1.13.7 (52)Croke ParkMathew Nicholls
20141stAustralia 0.17.5 (56) d Ireland 2.9.7 (46)SubiacoSimon MeredithNathan Doig, Jace Collingridge and Brett DalgleishBrett Rogers, Dale Edwick, Matthew Laycock and Luke Edwards
20131stIreland 2.12.9 (57) d Australia 1.7.8 (35)Breffni ParkMatt Stevic
20132ndIreland 6.22.14 (116) d Australia 0.2.2 (8)Croke ParkMatt Stevic
20111stIreland 4.17.5 (80) d Australia 1.8.6 (36)DocklandsRay ChamberlainChris GordonDavid Dixon, Mark Canning, Luke Walker, Adam Wojcik
20112ndIreland 1.13.5 (50) d Australia 0.7.8 (29)Metricon StadiumRay ChamberlainRob HaalaDavid Dixon, Mark Canning, Chelsea Roffey, Adam Wojcik
20101stAustralia 0.14.5 (47) d Ireland 1.8.10 (40)Gaelic GroundsBrett Rosebury
20102ndAustralia 0.14.13 (55) d Ireland 1.11.13 (52)Croke ParkBrett Rosebury
20081stIreland 3.6.9 (45) d Australia 0.12.8 (44)SubiacoStephen McBurneyAdam CooteSteve Axon, Peter Nastasi
20082ndIreland 4.8.9 (57) d Australia 3.8.11 (53)MCGStephen McBurneyAdam CooteSteve Axon, Peter Nastasi
20061stIreland 1.12.6 (48) d Australia 1.9.7 (40)Pearse StadiumShane McInerney
20062ndAustralia 3.15.6 (69) d Ireland 0.7.10 (31)Croke ParkShane McInerney
20051stAustralia 2.27.7 (100) d Ireland 3.11.13 (64)SubiacoMathew JamesMark Thomson, Darren WilsonCraig Clark, David Dixon, David Shawcross, Andrew Curtis
20052ndAustralia 0.18.9 (63) d Ireland 0.11.9 (42)DocklandsMathew JamesGlenn Sinclair, Gordon MuirAnthony Black, Luke Walker, Peter Nastasi, Steven Stirling
20041stIreland 3.17.8 (77) d Australia 1.9.8 (41)Croke ParkStephen McBurney
20042ndIreland 1.13.10 (55) d Australia 0.13.2 (41)Croke ParkStephen McBurney
20031stAustralia 3.10.8 (56) d Ireland 1.10.10 (46)SubiacoStephen McBurneyJamie Giles, George PampacosAndrew Curtis, Wayne Hendrie, John Marrapodi, David Shawcross
20032ndIreland 2.9.9 (48) d Australia 1.10.9 (45)MCGStephen McBurneyAdam McDonald, Shane JansenDavid Dixon, Colin Hood, Peter Gonis, Steven Stirling
20021stAustralia 2.15.8 (65) d Ireland 1.14.10 (58)Croke ParkScott McLaren
20022ndAustralia 1.11.3 (42) drew with Ireland 1.8.12 (42)Croke ParkScott McLaren
20011stIreland 2.13.8 (59) d Australia 1.13.8 (53)MCGBrett AllenMichael Bell, Shane JansenDavid Flegg, David Dixon, Doug Gourlay, Craig Clark
20012ndIreland 2.17.8 (71) d Australia 1.13.7 (52)Football ParkBrett AllenMark Thomson, Amin ChehadeShannon Riggs, Peter Honeyman, Leo Corrieri, Mark Bywater
20001stAustralia 0.14.13 (55) d Ireland 1.11.8 (47)Croke ParkBrett Allen
20002ndAustralia 2.15.11 (68) d Ireland 1.12.9 (51)Croke ParkBrett Allen
19991stIreland 2.16.10 (70) d Australia 0.16.14 (62)MCGAndrew CoatesMichael Bell, Chris MacdonaldAnthony Black, Alan Letson, Mark Harrison, Frank Raiti
19992ndIreland 1.11.13 (52) d Australia 2.12.4 (52)Football ParkAndrew CoatesMark Thomson, Tony SymonsLeo Corrieri, Mike Nicolai, Ante Perkovic, Mike Bradley
19981stAustralia 2.13.11 (62) d Ireland 2.13.10 (61)Croke ParkAndrew Coates
19982ndIreland 4.12.7 (67) d Australia 2.10.14 (56)Croke ParkAndrew Coates
19901stIreland 0.12.11 (47) d Australia 0.10.8 (38)VFL ParkBryan SheehanAlan Hammond, Malcolm OwenDavid Flegg, Andrew Sinclair, Doug Gourlay, Terry Suitryk
19902ndIreland 3.9.7 (52) d Australia 0.7.10 (31)Bruce StadiumBryan SheehanUnknownUnknown
19903rdAustralia 0.13.11 (50) d Ireland 0.12.8 (44)WACADavid JohnstonUnknownUnknown
19871stIreland 3.7.14 (53) d Australia 1.11.12 (51)Croke ParkRowan Sawers
19872ndAustralia 3.14.12 (72) d Ireland 3.6.11 (47)Croke ParkRowan Sawers
19873rdAustralia 0.14.17 (59) d Ireland 1.13.10 (55)Croke ParkRowan Sawers
19861stAustralia 1.14.16 (64) d Ireland 5.5.12 (57)WACARowan SawersUnknownUnknown
19862ndIreland 3.10.14 (62) d Australia 1.10.10 (46)VFL ParkRowan SawersUnknownMichael Roache, Bernie Lowden, Leigh Keen, one unknown
19863rdIreland 4.8.7 (55) d Australia 0.7.11 (32)Football ParkRowan SawersUnknownUnknown
19841stAustralia 2.15.13 (70) d Ireland 4.8.9 (57)CorkRowan Sawers
19842ndIreland 3.18.8 (80) d Australia 1.18.16 (76)Croke ParkRowan Sawers
19843rdAustralia 1.18.16 (76) d Ireland 5.11.8 (71)Croke ParkRowan Sawers