AFL rookies have again led their respective NEAFL conferences in umpiring performance  and have been appointed to their conference finals.

The northern conference final will be umpired by AFL rookies Andrew Stephens (3rd senior state league GF) and Aaron Hall (2nd) They will be ably supported by ex-AFL field umpire Jason Baldwin who is umpiring his 7th state league grand final.  On the boundary are Gareth Hughes (1st), Isaac Box (2nd) and Nick Heneker (3rd).  In the goals, Robert Whitehead (3rd), Alistair Meldrum (2nd).The emergency field umpire is Matthew Young and the emergency goal umpire is ex-AFL goal umpire Brent Fewkes.

Rookie field umpire, Andrew Stephens took out the umpire of the year award and the AFLQ Appointments Board Award went to AFL boundary umpire Aaron Deckys.

In the eastern conference NEAFL final, AFL rookie field umpires, Nathan Elsworthy (3rd state league grand final) and Brent Pawley (2nd) will umpire with NSWAFLUA scholarship holder, Liam Rowe who will umpire his first NEAFL grand final.

Boundary umpires are Daniel Field-Read, Michael Baker, Patrick Jackson (2nd) and Tim Tarton (1st). Goal umpires are Rose O’Dea (3rd) and Angus McKenzie-Wills (1st) .

Eastern Conference NEAFL umpires manager, Stephen Keating praised the group at the announcement saying that there has been some real depth developed among the young NEAFL group as they all strive to improve their performances.

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