Ten debutants have made the first cut of the AFL 2019 finals race.  Five field umpires, three boundary umpires and two goal umpires have had their performances in 2019 vindicated by selectors and eagerly await their opportunity to perform on the best stage.

Our debutants will be surrounded by amazing finals experience.  Only one of the remaining selected field umpires has not umpired a grand final and umpires his second final in only his third year on the list, Nathan Williamson.  Every other selected field umpire has umpired over 300 AFL games.  Likewise, on the boundary, the three debutants are surrounded by nine grand final umpires and four other umpires who have multiple finals.  Only three of the eight goal umpires have grand finals next to their names.

Congratulations to our debutants, (field) Leigh Fisher (134 games), Andrew Stephens (108 games), Robert O’Gorman (108 games), Nick Foot (134 games), Craig Fleer (119 games).  (Boundary) Joshua Garrett (74 games), Jordan Andrews (92 games), Lachlan Rayner (83 games).  (Goal) Sam Walsh (30 games) Peter Challen (91 games).

See the full week 1 finals appointments on the website.

Let the games commence!

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