Goal umpire, David Dixon breaks a long standing record when he steps out in the first qualifying final on Friday night.  David will surpass the highest number of finals umpired by any goal umpire in VFL/ AFL history when he goes past Craig Clark’s record of 34 finals (28 finals 6 grand finals).  Craig set the record in 2007 and also held the record of the most VFL/AFL games, 334 until passed by current record holder, David Flegg.

Dixon’s tally of 29 finals and 6 grand finals stands comfortably alongside his total games record that currently stands at 292.

Other goal umpires who have an excellent finals record include, Anthony Black (252 games, 25 finals, 7 grand finals), Reginald Treloar (247, 24,8), Luke Walker (172, 24, 4), Mark Canning (301, 20, 2) and David Flegg (337, 19, 3).


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