Congratulations to the panel of 40 umpires who have been selected to officiate in the 2023 AFL Finals Series. The panel includes 16 field and boundary umpires each, and eight goal umpires.

This season’s contingent will also feature five umpires who are debuting in the AFL Finals – Jamie Broadbent (F), Sean Moylan (B), Jordan Russell (B), Nick Swanson (B) and Matthew Bridges (G).

The following is the full list of umpires for the upcoming Finals series, which kicks off on Thursday, 7 September 2023. The number of career AFL Finals matches are mentioned in brackets for each umpire, current as of the completion of AFL Season 2022.



Jamie Broadbent (no previous Finals matches umpired); Curtis Deboy (5); Chris Donlon (19); Rob Findlay (12); Nick Foot (2); Hayden Gavine (4); Andre Gianfagna (1); Brendan Hosking (6); Simon Meredith (43); Jacob Mollison (8); Mathew Nicholls (28); Rob O’Gorman (1); Brett Rosebury (50); Andrew Stephens (7); Matt Stevic (53); Nathan Williamson (6)


Michael Barlow (5); Chris Bull (13); Ian Burrows (40); Nathan Doig (29); Chris Elser (9); Daniel Field-Read (5); Josh Furman (2); Chris Gordon (35); Matthew Jenkinson (9); Matthew Konetschka (29); Damien Main (7); Michael Marantelli (31); Sean Moylan (no previous Finals matches umpired); Jordan Russell (no previous Finals matches umpired); Nick Swanson (no previous Finals matches umpired); Matthew Tomkins (29)


Dylan Benwell (4); Matthew Bridges (no previous Finals matches umpired); Matthew Dervan (17); Brodie Kenny-Bell (6); Angus McKenzie-Wills (7); Steven Piperno (13); Sam Walsh (7); Adam Wojcik (32)


Well done to all the officials selected for the Finals panel this time around, and we wish you all the best for the season ahead.


# To see the AFL Season 2023 home and away match statistics for these umpires, please visit this link on our website –

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