‘Razor’ Ray Chamberlain

Despite the Melbourne v Collingwood game being played at the SCG, Patron Neale Daniher’s mantra of ‘Play On’, the Big Freeze will take place as planned, pre-game at the MCG, on the traditional Queen’s Birthday Monday.

‘Razor’ Ray Chamberlain, probably Australia’s best known AFL umpire, says he feels very humbled to have been asked by Neale to be a slider.

“I feel fortunate to have been invited to be part of something that…is so incredible. The day itself is profoundly impactful and the cause so powerful”, he says. “The people who have driven this are so inspiring”.

When asked what ‘Play On’ means to him, ‘Razor’ Ray says it means to ‘get on with it’. “Not to dwell, not to cease…but to keep going, with purpose”.

‘Razor’ Ray says that Neale’s role modelling of his mantra ‘Play On’ provides him with “inspiration, positivity, energy, context and resolve” and he praises the FightMND Army for “contributing to a cause that is so worthwhile”.

The Army’s efforts are “quite literally playing a part in changing people’s lives…for the better”. He says that the Army should be proud of what they are doing. “It matters”.

‘Razor’ Ray admits he is nervous about going down the slide. “Any time you undertake something for the first time there is always an element of trepidation.”

But you only need to consider the purpose of the day and the cause itself to overcome any minor level of nerves or anxiety”.

‘Razor’ Ray was born and grew up in the ACT and umpired his first Australian rules game as a teenager. He was offered an umpiring contract by the VFL in 2000. He promptly moved to Victoria, where he umpired in the VFL for four years before being offered an AFL umpiring contract. He has umpired more than 330 AFL games.

More information on other participants and how you can support this worthy cause can be found at www.fightmnd.org.au/big-freeze-7/

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