Throughout my week with the AFLUA, I learnt that there’s a huge amount of work that happens behind the scenes to enable day to day tasks to take place.

Being a boundary umpire myself with the Ballarat Football Umpires Association, I had a good grasp of the match day tasks involved.

Running an organisation takes a lot of people to complete a lot of work. Checking up on things constantly is required to meet certain deadlines for individual tasks. Even the website requires intricate details to be perfect in order for it all to look professional to the public.

Completion of various tasks occurred; updating website applications and writing articles on recent appointments to the AFL lists, finalising monthly bills for accountants, overseeing venue options for the Hall of Fame and Christmas Dinners, drafting and publishing members benefits and the December edition newsletters, packaging products for current AFL Umpires, ect.

Julia Gauci and Peter Kelly were of great help and support throughout the week, showing me around the office and everyday operations. Being in the sport industry requires a large demand on professionalism and that is exactly what they have shown.

The week opened my eyes to various career options I can look at into the future. Ranging from communications to the marketing sector and everything in between. Whilst Julia and Peter have official titles to their names, they both do a range of tasks that cover a number of titles. All helping build the AFLUA.

The AFLUA gave me an insight into their mission statement and what they aim to achieve. Being able to implement corporate social responsibilities allows the perception of the association to be one of high regard.

This whole experience has really opened me up to the working life many Australians wake up to each day.

Article Written By: Work Experience Student, Jackson Sleep from Ballarat Grammar

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