On the 26th of November, 2017 I started my work experience with the AFLUA. This is an environment I was familiar with as I am an umpire myself and have worked in sport. Through the week I have had here, I learnt and grasped a new look on the business side of the AFLUA and what happens behind the scenes. 

Whilst being in the off-season with not many umpires coming in and out of the office, I was looked after by the office Administrative Assistant, Julia. She kept me up to date with everything and very busy. My job description consisted of, packing Winners Sports Nutrition bars, chews and liquids for 43 interstate umpires and posting them out, changing the back end of the AFLUA website with updated umpire profiles and fine tweaking, scanning and organising old umpire magazines dating back to the 1970’s.

I was given the opportunity of sitting in on an accounting meeting discussing budgets. I have never been in a meeting with such depth numbers, I soon realised that there is a lot that the AFLUA does for a not-for-profit company. 

Following the budget meeting, I was fortunate to go down to IKON Park where the AFL Umpires train and get amongst the group. Whilst there I helped the Property Manager Ben in preparing the umpires Gatorade and water, and assisted with the agility gear. Ben gave me a tour of the change rooms, showing me where things are and how things work there. 

Whilst at training amongst the umpires I had the opportunity to meet some of them. I was able to have a talk about how things were going, also about myself and why I was there. The umpires were very welcoming and stopped to shake my hand and have a chat. 

Throughout my time here I have gained a better insight of the business of the AFL Umpires. Gaining this experience was a great opportunity for myself as I aspire to become an AFL Field Umpire and look to get into the sporting world.

Article written by Noah Piggott

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