We caught up with AFLUA life member, Bill Yendle aka “The voice” a little while ago and had a great chat about all things life and footy.  Bill turns 90 later this year and still loves a chat.

Bill was an inaugural member of the AFLUA hall of fame in 2008.  He was a VFLUA running member for 21 years between 1950 and 1970.  He then took up observing for the next 20 years, retiring in 1991.  Bill observed Melbourne based umpires VFL umpires, country umpires and then became a talent scout looking for umpires to fill the VFL development squad through metropolitan competitions in Melbourne. 

Bill and his wife, Valda retired to Yarrawonga in 1992 where they thoroughly enjoy the lifestyle.   “Yarrawonga was our retirement choice,” confirmed Bill.

Bill continues to play golf to this day.  (See him pictured below) receiving his golf trophy as the 2014 player of the year)

Bills golf

“I joined this little interim golf club in about 1992, when Ron Brophy & Alan Cole were playing in it and we were just 6 players. Now we have had to limit membership to 25 + occasional visitors. I am one of 6 Life members and am proud to have won the Inaugural “Player of The Year” trophy in 2010 and again last year.

Our ages range from 60 to 95 years.  Two to three times a year we have a day out and play at other clubs. There is a most wonderfully warm & close companionship amongst us all, just like it was in my era of umpiring.”

Bill I am sure that all of your umpiring mates “in town” will be envious of your record.

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