[tagline_box backgroundcolor=”” shadow=”no” border=”1px” bordercolor=”” highlightposition=”left” link=”” linktarget=”” button=”” title=”The launch of the new website and our new branding marks an exciting day in the Association’s history.” description=””][/tagline_box]


Apart from the providing a new lease on life to the content, the new website will allow us to communicate and interact with you all in a much more effective way. In particular the new and improved members section should allow you to find the member benefits programs much more easily as well as providing a simpler way to see any confidential member-only communication.

I am also delighted the new website will allow us to better showcase dynamic media such as videos. One of the key roles of the Association is to be the custodian of umpiring history and tradition – in recent years we’ve had a loyal band of historians, led by David Flegg and Graeme Patterson who have worked hard tirelessly to document many of umpiring’s stories. The new website now allows us to enhance their work by properly showcasing video footage. My challenge to you is to see if you can help contribute to this storytelling legacy – by a simply recording a short smartphone video with an umpire who has been significant to your AFL journey you will help ensure some of these stories are captured and shared before they’re forgotten.

A huge thank you to the team at Meredith IT (www.meredithit.com), led by one of our members Simon Meredith for getting this project off the ground. I’m sure you’ll agree it is stellar work.

The website works as a great platform to launch the new Association branding. Designed by Fletcher Henry of Fletcher Creative (www.fletchercreative.com) the new branding represents an exciting opportunity to present each of the three umpiring disciplines in one combined and dynamic logo. Thanks to all those involved in the development and consultation of such a subjective and difficult project, especially last year’s Exec team – Scott Jeffery, Adam Coote and Chelsea Roffey – who were instrumental in getting this project off the ground.


Everyone has an opinion about logos and we hope we have managed to combine the feedback received whilst presenting a strong, dynamic and powerful logo that represents the values of the Association – Integrity, Fairness, Respect and Trust. You will see the new logo rolled out in various formats over the coming months.

Thank you to all involved in the Association for helping pull these two exciting projects together in such a professional manner.