1959 VFL grand final umpire, Bill Barbour passed away yesterday after a brief illness. Bill was 93 years young!

Bill began umpiring in the VFL Reserve Grade in 1947.  He joined the VFL senior list in 1949 where he stayed until his retirement following the 1959 grand final.  

Bill umpired 154 VFL games (one on the boundary) including 7 finals and the 1959 grand final. Bill was the emergency field umpire in the 1958 grand final. 

Bill made his senior debut in 1950 and was awarded Heritage number 211.  Bill umpired 21 VFL second eighteen matches including the 1950,1952-54, 57 second eighteen grand finals.  Bill also umpired 59 VCFL, 2 Metropolitan, 26 Tasmanian, 3 ACT, 1 ANFC Carnival matches.

Bill was the Junior vice president of the VFLUA in 1959 and was awarded life membership in the same year.

Bill’s funeral will be held at the Eildon Cemetery this Saturday, October 7 commencing at 11am.

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