AFLUA Life Member Allan Arvidson passed away on December 29 2017 aged 93 and was buried on January 9 2018.

Allan had a colourful and somewhat controversial career.  He joined the ranks of the VFL umpires in 1947 before his retirement in 1956.  He was awarded his life membership in 1957.  Allan was a member of the VFLUA executive committee in 1955-56.

Allan umpired 6 VFL senior matches, 30 VFL Reserve Grade games, 85 VCFL matches including 5 grand finals and 12 Tasmanian matches.  He was awarded Heritage number 221.

Allan also served in the RAAF in WW2 enlisting on 21/8/1942 to 4/4/1945.

Allan resigned sensationally from umpiring in the VFL and then did a tell all interview in 1956.  Allan cited difficulties with the VFL umpires appointment board and VFL General Manager Eric McCutcheon.  Allan wrote for The Argus in Melbourne following his retirement.

Allan went back to the VAFA to umpire for the next four years and was in charge of the 100 year anniversary match between Scotch College and Melbourne Grammar.  The ball and Allan’s whistle from the match are displayed in the Gallery of Sport at the MCG.

In 1957 Allan was elected to the Essendon City Council and served the City of Essendon in the capacity of ward councillor. In 1960 Allan was appointed to the position of Mayor of the city of Essendon to become the 100th Mayor and as a consequence became the Centenary Mayor of the city of Essendon (1861-1961) for the festive Celebration. 

He will be missed by all those who knew him.

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