Our 2016 field umpires panel has been back in full training for the past two weeks but at first glance there appears to be more in the rehab group than out on the track.

Brett Rosebury (meniscus), Ray Chamberlain (Shoulder reconstruction) were the known injuries following post season surgery.  However, add to that Luke Farmer (cracked tibia), Shaun Ryan (back) Chris Donlon (groin) Chris Kamolins (calf) Simon Meredith (shoulder) Jacob Mollison (calf) Troy Pannell (ankle infection) Justin Schmitt (calf) Andrew Stephens (leg) and Brent Wallace (calf) and there is over thirty percent of the list requiring training management at this time.  Umpires coach, Hayden Kennedy is hopeful that all of the bad luck that can beset the group has happened and as the group gets closer to their Christmas break more of the boys will be back into full training.

Troy Pannell, just can’t take a trick at the moment.  “I was running along the beach in Fiji when I slipped on some wet coral and cut my leg down near my ankle.”  The infection lingered and I ended up in a “moon boot” for three weeks unable to exercise to stop the infection from spreading.”  Troy’s first night out of rehab saw him strain an adductor which put him straight back into that group.  “We are training harder than the guys in the main training group.  It’s not easy in that group at all,” exclaimed Troy when we enquired about his health yesterday.

Boundary umpires, Rob Taylor and Chris Roberts are back into some running following foot fractures during the season.  John Morris is recovering from post season leg surgery.  Callum Brown suffered a serious ACL injury that has required a full knee reconstruction and will see him sidelined for the entire 2016 season.  Mark Thomson is struggling to return to training after missing the last part of the 2015 season with back and leg issues.  One good piece of news sees Adam Coote back into solid training following the birth of his daughter.  Adam missed the first half of the 2015 season with knee tendinitis.

Bad luck injuries have even extended as far as our goal umpires.  Luke Walker ended up in hospital five weeks ago with significant groin pain that turned out to be an infected hip.  He was operated on and has yet to return to training following his recovery.


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