Congratulations to the two remaining 2019 finals debutants, Andrew Stephens (field) and Lachlan Rayner (boundary) who were appointed to semi-final weekend. 

Stephens is joined by 300 game and grand final umpires Mat Nicholls and Simon Meredith at the MCG on Friday night.  Rayner is joined in the same game by grand final boundary umpire Damien Cusack and two former western suburbs footy league guys, Josh Mather and Tim Morrison.  Michael Craig and Adam Wojcik are waving the flags while Leigh Fisher and Stephen Williams are sitting as emergency umpires.

In Brisbane on Saturday night a very experienced team lead by All Australian field umpire Matt Stevic and including multiple grand final umpires, Ray Chamberlain and Shaun Ryan.  Running the boundary are 4 grand final boundary umpires, Mark Thomson, Adam Coote, Matthew Konetschka and Michael Marantelli.  The goal umpires are two aspiring grand final umpires Matt Dervan and Angus McKenzie-Wills.  Sitting the bench is Nathan Williamson and Steve Piperno.

To use a catch cry “Don’t believe in never.”  Good luck to all of our umpires over the weekend.

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