A live orchestrated screening of the drawn 2010 AFL Grand Final between St Kilda and Collingwood – an epic game that most Australians have never forgotten – was conducted at the Arts Centre last Thursday.

Played live by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the nail biting Grand Final draw was relived on the big screen with originally composed work by Tamil Rogeon (True Live, The Raah Project) highlighting every dramatic leap, bound, touch and goal.

Rogeon’s score further emphasises every moment of tension, elation and humour in the fight for ultimate victory which left AFL fans across the country on the edge of their seat. 

Field umpires Ray Chamberlain, Brett Rosebury and Shaun Ryan joined boundary umpires Ian Burrows, Adam Coote, Mark Foster and Mark Thompson with goal umpires David Dixon and Luke Walker in what was a remarkable production. 

Fans in the audience couldn’t help but get involved in the game again, with cheers for goals and marks and laughter at some of Mick Malthouse’s antics. During a break in play, Mick’s picture appeared on screen and much to everyone’s amusement, someone yelled out “Bring him back!”  It’s not clear if it was Eddie McGuire, who was in the audience.

A truly unique collision of two of Melbourne’s greatest loves, The Draw: A Symphony brings together the two worlds of passionate AFL footy and classical music.



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