The first of our state games is played this weekend, when rivals SA come up against the Vic’s in Adelaide. Tune in to Channel 7’s telecast to see a good rivalry play out with some of the best young umpires also representing their states.

The three field umpires are all AFL listed rookie umpires.  Leigh Haussen and Rowan Hundertmark from SA and Daniel Butcher from Victoria.  

They will be ably supported on the boundary by ex AFL umpire, Sean Burton (SA) and young hopefuls, Chris Watkins (SA) and Ben McDonald (Vic).  

In the goals is another ex AFL umpire Mat Wilson (SA) and Simon Plumridge who umpired the VFL senior grand final in 2015.

All umpires have been chosen by their respective State Umpire Managers based on performance.  A good performance in a state game can make a real difference in how an umpire is viewed come September and for higher honours in becoming an AFL listed umpire.  We wish all of the officiating umpires well on the weekend.

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