Field umpire Scott Jeffery had to replace Nick Foot (calf) at half time in the Essendon v Collingwood game on Sunday at the G.  It is the fourth time that Scott has come on as an emergency umpire to replace an injured colleague in a match.  Scott on the other hand has had to be replaced four times when he has been injured in a match.

Between 1897 and 1991 only 23 known replacements were made and 16 of those were the emergency field umpire replacing a boundary umpire.  It has become much more common place.  In 1993 specialist goal umpires became goal umpire emergencies, a task previously undertaken by the emergency field umpire – wouldn’t that be a sight to behold in this era?  Thirteen goal umpires have been replaced since 1993.  The last being Luke Walker when the ball was kicked into his face leaving him bleeding.  That was in Rd 7 2017. 

Current assistant coach, Bryan Sheehan holds the record as the most replaced umpire.  He was replaced 6 times in his career between 1994 and 2003.

Rowan Hundertmark holds a unique record.  He came on to replace the injured Craig Fleer in the 2017 game between Adelaide and Melbourne.  Rowan, who had umpired the SANFL senior curtain raiser, had to go off the ground injured at 3/4 time and was not able to be replaced.  Shaun Ryan and Chris Kamolins reverted to a two field umpire system for the final quarter.

And another one for the records.  Dean Margetts has completed a 30 game streak having umpired 30 home and away matches without a break from Rd 10 2017 until Rd 16 2018.

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