Shane Jones has made a very courageous decision in the lead up to the 2016 season, he has decided to put work and family first. 

Shane was to enter his 8th season as an AFL boundary umpire when he received an award in his management role with the Justice Department.   Shane who has always put umpiring first was becoming increasingly hamstrung by competing demands of rotating shift work, pre-season training and all that on top of his wife expecting their first child in 8 weeks. 

“Something had to give and unfortunately it was football,” said a disappointed Jones today.  “I have loved my footy but in this day and age it is just too hard to get the time off to train.”

Shane umpired 157 games including 2 finals and had five years of top 18 finishes, which is a credit to his ability.  “I am still young in football terms and I would like to continue my career down the track if my circumstances change and the AFL is keen to have me back.”   

Shane has never revelled in pre-season training but he does love his match-day involvement.  “My attitude has always been simple get in and get the work done.  I will miss my boundary colleagues but I am looking forward to the next phase of my life with our baby due shortly.”

Congratulations Shane.

Shane Jones

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