Marketing and Communications Co-ordinator, Peter Kelly and CEO Peter Howe spent three days in Perth prior to round 21 catching up with our Perth based members. They are an extremely resilient group probably because of their isolation.  “They are an extremely dedicated and committed group of people.  They work together as a team to get things done,” said Kelly, after meeting with the guys for the second time this year.

When you look at the level of experience across the group of our Perth based umpires, our three field umpires have 594 games between them.  Our five boundaries have 464 games in total with only Nathan Doig (230 games) and Brett Dalgleish (138) the only umpires in three figures.  Dale Edwick is the father of the goal group with 122 games but is being chased by Brett Rogers on 97 games.  Our three newly listed umpires have been inducted in a seamless manner into the AFL because of the care taken by the group.  Our rookie field umpires, Matt Adams and Nathan Williamson will grow up learning in a nurturing, but tough environment.

Dan Wilson umpired his 200th game in the goals at the Hawthorn v Nth Melbourne game at the MCG.  Dan becomes the 129th umpire to reach the mark but only the 39th goal umpire.  More from Dan about his milestone later in the week. 

Our FM MDE participant this week was Jack Baggoley.  Jack, who helped us in the Brisbane v Carlton game at the Gabba.  Jack was taken into the Lions rooms before the game to meet his favourite players and now wants to become an umpire.  A special thanks to Grant Kent who chaperoned Jack and his family. See Jack’s day in pictures on the website.

Ray Chamberlain has continued to struggle with his Achilles injury again missing this weekend.  The UD are taking a conservative approach to Ray’s rehabilitation.


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