Field umpire Nick Foot took his appreciation of football to a new level on the weekend.  Nick was programmed to sit on two benches as the emergency field umpire in the Friday night clash at Geelong and the Saturday night clash at Etihad Stadium, a phone call on Saturday when Rob O’Gorman pulled out when his wife went into labour saw Nick then front up at the MCG on Sunday and umpire the Melbourne v GCS match.  We have often had boundaries run two games on a weekend and field and goal umpires run and sit but never a double sit and a run as well.  Nick certainly slept well on Sunday night.

A spate of illness and injury led to five changes over the weekend.  Surely this has to be some sort of record?  July is always that month of the year that guys have to push through.  It seems some are finding it tougher than others.

Veteran field umpire Chris Donlon was certainly feeling the cold at the MCG on Saturday twilight.  “Even my eyes started to water running into the wind in the 3rd quarter,” said Chris.  “It was that cold and I wear contact lenses.!”

Matthew Tomkins streak of 28 home and away games from Rd 14 2015 to Rd 18 2016 came to an end on the weekend when he was rested after running 18 straight games so far this season.  There are only 6 other boundary umpires who have run 18 games straight this year, including a Michael Marantelli double header.

Congratulations to Matthew Jenkinson and Robert O’Gorman on the additions to their families during the week.

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