With the 2017 AFL season now over, October is normally a time for umpires to rest their bodies after a long demanding season. Whilst most still undertake some sort of light cross training and gym programming, field umpires Ray Chamberlain and Chris Donlon are punishing themselves on the bike to prepare for the annual Razor Ride. This year, the Razor Ride covers 770km+ through Victoria’s most iconic cycling locations starting in Docklands on Monday 20th November. It may seem reasonable to think this will be done in a month. It will be ridden in just 6 days!!

The Razor Ride is undertaken to raise awareness and financially support the important work of GriefLine. GriefLine is Australia’s only dedicated loss and grief telephone counselling service. This year, a goal of $80,000 has been set to support GriefLine and the work they do in helping community members in suffering circumstances. 

Since last year’s success, the ride has increased its peloton from 14 to 24 riders. This includes a few more AFL umpires. Nick Foot, Nathan Williamson and Chris Esler are jumping in for sections of the journey with a support team of AFL trainers including Phil Watson, Rachael Browne and Rich Grant who will help in bike mechanics and support for the second year in a row. 

This is a great opportunity as an umpiring family to support Ray and his gutsy team of riders succeed in achieving their goal. Please click the link provided which will take you to the team page and donations. Every donation helps support Ray and the team. 


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