Past president, Scott Jeffery probably said it best, “There is no doubt after feeling the vibe in the room and listening to the stories of old umpires, umpiring through the eras has one common trait – passion.”

Ian was president in 1987, followed in the job by Ian in 1988. They were two of the 24 attendees at a function that was first held in Spring street, Melbourne in 1975.


Bill, who has sprinted into his 90’s was the oldest past president in the room. He held the office in 1959. A youngster by comparison, Brian Crockett was elected president in 1978 after a two year stint as social secretary. Brian spoke on behalf of all past presidents in welcoming Scott Jeffery into the fold.


John, who was president in 1993, continues to play an active roll in supporting the AFLUA and its life members. He is always ready to lend a supportive ear and offer advice.


Bill (president 1982) and Paul (president 1981) set the modern course for the association when they galvanised its members in those years to take industrial action against the VFL to ensure the association became the authorised bargaining agent on behalf of all VFL umpires. Thirty-two contracted umpires resigned on the eve of Round 19, 1981.


Mark was association secretary for eleven years between 1960 and 1970. Len was president in 1962.


These men were more than just good people and great umpires in their eras. Fourteen of those present are AFLUA Hall of Fame members and one, Graeme Patterson is a Legend.

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