The phone will often ring in our office and among the many varied requests we get from community umpires include, “Where can I purchase goal flags?”

AFLUA Life Member, Ian Bennett (pictured) has been making goal umpire’s sticks for the past four years, his wife, Barbara has been making the flags for over 15 years. 

 Ian has enjoyed a lifetime in footy and has been giving back to the sport he loves for many years.  Ian coached the VFL/AFL Development umpires for eight years, went to the Southern Footy League as Umpire’s Advisor for another eight years and has spent over 20 years on that great “The Local Footy Show” shown on Channel 31.  He has a head that no one will forget.

Ian’s company, Flagstix has been making the flags for the AFL themed rounds for many years. You may remember themed rounds including, indigenous round, the Pride game, Zaidee’s round just to name a few. They are the work of Barbara, who among her many accomplishments was a dress maker for Queen Elizabeth before she migrated to Australia in the late 1970’s. 

The sticks are made from PVC, they are knurled at the handle end for better grip and strengthened in the middle with additional piping.  The flag is then tied onto the stick.  Ian’s flags come with a lifetime guarantee.

How do you contact Ian?  You can go to his website: Email: or by mobile phone on 0411 513 071.

Flag sticks are $12 each

Flags $10 each.

Good luck Ian and thanks for continuing to support local community football.

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