Ron Warwick

Ron Warwick spent all but four of his sixteen seasons as a member of the VFL Umpires’ Association working on various committees before taking on the role of president in 1971.

Ronald Henry Warwick began umpiring in 1953 with the VFL Reserve grade. This followed a successful football career where he played with Rivoli FC (Preston District JFA), Preston (VFA) and Railton (Sub-District FL). He fitted these in around other sporting interests: tennis, squash and fishing.

Promoted to the senior list, aged 30, in 1957 he began a career that culminated at the end of 1972 and matches totalling 269 VCFL and 6 Metropolitan matches. Of his nine finals two were grand finals, both in the Tyrrell Football League.

In 1961 he was elected to the role of assistant secretary and held it from 1961-1963 before election to the Executive Committee. Here he served for five years during a period of work involving, amongst much else, the provident fund, finals tickets and training conditions. As junior and senior vice-president in 1969 and 1970 respectively he ascended to the presidency in 1971.

During 1971 there were extensive changes to the VFL umpire training arrangements, a submission for increased fees for 1972 and a further submission for the initiation of a provident fund for country umpires. Finals tickets were also provided to 150 members for the first time following years of requests and hard work of previous committees of which Ron had been a part.

For this extended length of service Ron became a life member in 1966 and was the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement (Special) Award in 1967.

Retiring at the end of the 1972 season he turned his sporting prowess to lawn bowls. He was club coach of the Reservoir Bowls Club for a decade.

Born 30 March 1927 at Croxton, Ron Warwick passed away on 12 April 2021, aged 94.

A true servant of the VFL Umpires’ Association.