Clive Macaulay

AFLUA life member and former treasurer ‘Troubles’ Macaulay passed away in Yarrawonga on 5 August 2023.

Born Clive McGregor Macaulay in Ashburton on 16 April 1930 he grew up in Burwood.

A footballer for Glen Iris Church of England in the East Suburban Churches FA premiership success came in 1952 as well as the award for best utility.

Clive joined the VFLUA in 1955 following two seasons in the VFL Second Eighteens Competition. He had been appointed as a fill-in on the senior list for a single week in 1954 so his promotion was expected.

Over the course of the next fourteen seasons Clive would accumulate 244 VCFL and 3 Metropolitan matches. There were two grand finals spread amongst them and a further eighteen finals.

When asked, Clive noted, “I just enjoyed all my years of umpiring and all the friendships made and retained with my fellow umpires after my career finished. The competition I enjoyed mostly umpiring was in the southwest of NSW”. He umpired several finals in the South West District FL and later in life lived close to the region when he moved to Yarrawonga joining the host of former VFLUA members calling the area home.

Early in his career Clive sought Executive Committee service and was elected assistant secretary in 1959. He was later elected treasurer for seasons 1967-1968. He was one of the first to recommend constitutional protections against the use of the VFLUA Provident Fund for purposes other than umpire superannuation.

Having qualified for life membership in 1965, his executive service was recognised with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1969. His association service continued as he put his financial knowledge to work in the role of the VFLUA’  auditor from 1973-1990.

Retiring at the end of 1968, Clive continued umpiring with East Suburban Churches FA in 1969. He was umpires’ advisor for the Dandenong and District Junior Football League in 1972.

Into his nineties he was part of the regular Yarrawonga gatherings which are well reported in the local press with always a quote and a set of stories from the old days. Clive’s was the truthfulness of players when he recalled, ““These two blokes were having a punch-on right in front of me. I reported them and they denied the stoush. The tribunal chairman asked me for my comment, and I said I must have been at a different game!”

Clive Macaulay, VFLUA stalwart, passed away in Yarrawonga, aged 93.

Vale ‘Troubles’