The power base continues to grow in stature.  Four of the eight listed AFL umpires from NSW/ACT have been appointed to the first week of AFL finals.  If we discount Dale Puren who didn’t get onto the field this year due to illness and injury and we have a 57% hit rate in that market place. 

The small but competitive Sydney group are obviously relishing the challenge.  Under on-field leader Michael Saunders and State Manager, Damian Anderson, nothing is too hard it seems.

First year goal umpire coach, Sergio Vilagra has added Angus McKenzie-Wills to the group and made the trio of Angus, Brodie and Rose a very solid group of performers.  Angus Heritage who coaches the boundary umpires continues to build strength and character into that group as well. Dan Field-Read makes the finals panel in his second year.

Our congratulations to Michael Saunders, Dan Field-Read, Angus McKenzie-Wills and Brodie Kenny-Bell on making the 2016 finals panel.


Pictured: AFL Boundary umpires, Michael Saunders and Dan Field-Read


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