Brett Rosebury will lead the association again in 2020 following the AGM in February.  The 2019 executive committee determined that the executive needed more support given the influx of AFLW members and the increasing pressure on the administration.  The position of Vice President was re-introduced and the Association constitution amended to include the position.  Former goal umpire’s rep, Adam Wojcik was appointed to the position.  Adam’s portfolio will be to focus on the internal operations of the administration and AFLW members.  He will also be a significant support to Brett in his role as President.

Boundary umpire, Michael Marantelli comes onto the executive committee to replace outgoing rep, Tim Lougoon who had served his two years.  Michael brings a wealth of experience to the floor.  He has been a member of the association for 10 years and during that time has umpired 213 games including 21 finals and 3 grand finals.

David Harris replaces Sam Hay as the field umpires rep.  David has umpired 131 games including one final.  He has been on the list since 2012.

Steve Williams returns to the goal umpire position to round out a very progressive and diligent executive committee.

We wish the executive committee well in its delivery of the 2020 vision for the association.

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