Written by: Keziah Glenane – Kez participated in the Round 19 Fiona McBurney Match Day Experience.

I was very excited and nervous when we went to Melbourne for the AFL match where I would be at the coin toss. I practised for a while with coins and I got to be pretty good at it.

We parked our car in the parks under the ground and went to catch a lift. I went in the lift and Mum and Maureen were too busy talking and the lift door shut.!!! I was inside on my own and Mum and Maureen were left outside. I was a bit scared. After a while, the doors opened again and mum and Maureen were looking happy to see me.

Chris, George, Natalie and Julia met me at Gate 3. They showed us where Mum and Maureen would be sitting with other people. It was cool. It had a big glass window and seats and people to give them food. Mum said it was thanks to ANZ bank. The people were all very friendly and happy.

Then we went to the umpire change rooms. George told me he used to be an umpire. We met Peter and Mike as well. Everyone, the umpires and visitors sat in a room with steps. I stood out the front and the umpire called Matt made a speech and he said welcome to me and gave me a uniform. Then I made a speech and said I was so excited.
I went out on to the MCG and had my photo taken. There were heaps and heaps of chairs. Everything was so big, really huge.

The umpires were all cool. They did muscle exercises. I met the umpire trainers and the two girls looked after me. I got a medical bag to use and helped them on the day .
I went out and had a kick with the umpires, then I went to the middle to meet the captains and I got to watch a man toss the coin.

I had to run out to the umpires with drinks and the medical bag at quarter time, at half time and at three quarter time. I did a lot of running. I helped some little kids come out at half time onto the oval to do Auskick.

At the end of the game, the umpires made another speech and so did I. They gave me a match day football. I said a big thank you to all of them. It was the most awesome day.

On the way home to Ballarat in the car I rang up lots of people to tell them about my day, it was the best day.



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