There are some phrases that have a lovely ring to them and this is certainly one of them.  Luke has had to work harder than most and in the past few years has been rewarded for his persistence and dedication for his on-field performances with back to back to back finals.

Injury and setback have been commonplace in Luke’s 10 years as an AFL field umpire based in Perth.  Many of his persistent niggles revolve around a back related hamstring issue which is in no doubt due to the constant flying he has had to endure to umpire on the list.

But you would never know it.  Speak to Luke and he is only ever positive and upbeat.  Dean Margetts said of Luke, “he is the most focused and committed umpire running around.  His rehab and preparation is second to none.”

Luke even relocated to Melbourne for 10 months to see if that would improve him as an umpire.  While he loved being around the larger group in Melbourne and had immediate access to his coaches, life just wasn’t the same without family and close friends.  The move wasn’t all it was supposed to be so he packed his bags and headed back to Perth.  However, he had left nothing to chance.  Luke’s mantra is to explore all options, to everything you can to get better.

So when it was his opportunity to be lauded for his longevity in the game and the rewards that come with being made a life member, what did he do?  He gave a very sincere thank you and then moved to a topic that the group would benefit from.  It has never been and never will be about Luke, but he will just keep on, keeping on.

Congratulations Luke.


Pictured: Luke Farmer and Dean Margetts


Luke Farmer

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