It took quite some time to identify many of the early association office-bearers. Actual records only went as far back as 1938 and the period from 1909 had to be researched from letters and newspaper articles and sundry other sources. There were still a number missing and for two years there have been no gaps filled -until last week.

The 1932 offices of president, treasurer and secretary were listed as unknown when we came upon a series of brief articles in The Age concerning the association’s annual picnic and a carnival for veteran players.

In the edition of 25 August 1932 (page 3) concerning a veteran’s carnival it is noted that ‘Mr J. Drysdale, secretary of the Victorian Umpires’ Association, is expected to finalise the arrangements regarding all the umpires today’. It sounded an intriguing affair which included a match between league veterans preceded by one between the jockeys from Caulfield and Flemington.

Later, on 29 September (page 5), Drysdale and his office are mentioned again, this time in relation to the annual picnic to be held at Eltham and again when The Age published the results of the various events held at the picnic. Good to see the Pawley family involved on the day with Mrs Pawley taking out the ‘Bowling at the wicket’ event. Current AFL rookie Brent is her great-grandson.

The picnic proved a boon two years earlier as well. Jack was listed as secretary again but owing to illness his organisational duties fell upon Treasurer John Brandon. We were unaware of both offices for that year and so two more gaps were filled – see The Age 8 October 1930 (page 14). There was a brief report of the picnic in 16 October (page 4) but it is valuable because it identified the the president, J.M. Collins. While have yet to identify who he actually is his name can go on the honour roll and complete the major office bearers for the year.

This information now places Jack Drysdale as secretary for nine years (1929-37), level with Lindsay Lancaster (1938-46) and two behind Mark Turner (1960-70).

While it is too late for inclusion in last year’s annual report it will be added to the written record in 2014

Jack DrysdaleJack Drysdale (1895-1964)

Metropolitan Junior FL 1923 (field), VFL Second Eighteens 1924 (field), VFL 1925-35 (field), 1936-37 (goal)

VFL matches: 31 (3 field, 1 boundary, 27 goal)

Vice-president VFL Second Eighteens UA 1924
Treasurer VFLUA 1928, Secretary VFLUA (1929-37)
Life member VFLUA 1935

Opinion on change of holding the ball law 1930

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