It’s only after the event that a person who equals or break a record has time to reflect on what that means.  You will often hear players say, “When my career is over it will be something that I will sit back and reflect on.  I will certainly cherish it more then.”  The same goes for some long standing records that were equaled or broken on the weekend.  The single focus for all of those men is to make the grand final team in 2016.  All else pales by contrast.

Ian Burrows moved into equal 3rd place of all time number of finals with Walter Naismith (1913-1928).  They have umpired 27 finals.  Only Jonathan Creasey and John Lancaster (29 finals) and Darren Wilson (48 finals) are above them.  Darren certainly stands a class above the rest.

David Dixon moves to equal first with Luke Walker both with 33 finals.  Should David take to the field on Friday night he will move into outright first place.  Behind them is Craig Clark (1987-2007) on 28 finals.  The next closest running umpire is Chris Appleton on 20 finals.

Brett Rosebury moved into equal 2nd place with Bryan Sheehan, Darren Goldspink and Brett Allen all now on 37 finals appearances.  Only Hayden Kennedy (1988-2011) and Jack Elder (1906-1922) have more, both with 39 finals appearances.



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