No matter which way you look at it the AFL has a new look umpires finals panel in 2018. There are seven debutants across the disciplines, including three new emergency goal umpires.

At a glance the new umpires are-

Field umpires – Nathan Williamson and David Harris, boundary umpire – Adam Bastick and four new goal umpires Dan Hoskin and three emergency goal umpires – Sally Boud, Luke Edwards and Mark Ensbey.

Add those to Curtis Deboy (1 final), Jacob Mollison (1), Rob Findlay (3), Tim Morrison (1), Chris Esler (1), Matt Jenkinson (3) Matt Dervan (3), Steve Piperno (2), Angus McKenzie-Wills (1), Brodie Kenny-Bell (2) and Brett Rogers (2) it is indeed a panel full of promise, but more importantly, selected on performance.

However, the stalwarts are there as well.  Those umpires whose performances always shine through.  Brett Rosebury (40 finals), Shaun Ryan (30), Ray Chamberlain (20), Matt Stevic (33), Simon Meredith (28), Matt Nicholls (21), Ian Burrows (29), Chris Gordon (20), Adam Wojcik (26), and Mark Thomson (31)

It’s no small feat to be chosen for the finals panels.  Congratulations to all who were selected and best of luck for this weeks matches.

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