Queensland police officer and former AFL Rookie listed umpire, Kayne Nund has just come off another very successful police games footy tournament in Hobart.

Kayne was a late convert to umpiring exchanging his footy jumper as an Aspley NEAFL and QAFL player to a two-time NEAFL grand final umpire in 2016-2017.  Kayne hung up his footy boots at the end of 2012 to concentrate on forging an AFL umpiring career.  Kayne even put his policing career on hold in 2015 when he took time off to gain more experience umpiring VFL football, such was his commitment to forging an AFL career.

However, that wasn’t to be when circumstances early in 2018 combined to gently coerce Kayne into semi-retirement.  An addition to his family, Kayne and Rebecca now have two sons, Lachlan and Callum plus the police force’s role in the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, meant there were just too many “balls in the air” to juggle and put his best foot forward in umpiring.

Kayne had always played in the Queensland police football team, even while umpiring and he did it again in Hobart last week.  Kayne suggested that while his footy skills were rusty his fitness was elite and his competitiveness never waivers!  Kayne walked away from the championships as the Queensland player of the tournament and his 5th All-Australian selection.  He also became a life member of the Police Games Association.

Kayne still has itchy feet to umpire or even coach.  “I’d love to put something back into my sport.”  However, a couple of overseas trips during the year and two growing boys might just make him reevaluate his options.

Kayne, we know that whatever you do, it will be with full focus and commitment.

Congratulations on your achievements in Hobart!!!

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