Brett Rosebury recently travelled to Perth to take part in a Q&A for the West Australian Football Commission’s community umpiring launch.

Around 70 community umpires attended the meet and greet and listened to a speech by Brett followed by Q&A and dinner to promote the 2024 season.

Brett discussed the opportunities which exist for Umpires that excel in the community to launch an exciting career as an elite Umpire, and the benefits of being a community umpire for those new to joining.

As part of the launch the WAFC announced its slogan for this year’s recruitment campaign: Umpiring – IT IS for everyone.

The launch reflected on the idea that it doesn’t matter who you are, if you want to be involved in football, then Umpiring can be a very rewarding experience with over 1,500 games of football played across WA each weekend.

Whilst in Perth, Brett attended WAFL Training to and completed an engagement session with 1-2nd year academy umpires.

Brett also took part in the State Umpires Coaches Conference, where he ran 3 sessions around coaching and feedback to umpires. As part of this conference, Brett ran a standard AFL coaching session and went out on the oval to share some umpiring skill drills to coaches to take back to their community groups.

Article by Patrick Sexton

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