Since 1991 the AFL has selected an All-Australian field umpire. In 2005 the AFLUA introduced an AFLUA All-Australian award for boundary and goal umpires. The recipient is the highest ranked AFLUA member at the conclusion of the season. The AFLUA is most appreciative of the co-operation of the AFL Umpiring Department which advises the rankings.

1991Bryan Sheehan
1992Peter Carey
1993Darren Golspink
1994Mark Nash
1995Hayden Kennedy
1996Andrew Coates
1997Brett Allen
1998Brett Allen
1999Scott McLaren
2000Brett Allen
2001Stephen McBurney
2002Brett Allen
2003Stephen McBurney
2004Mathew James
2005Darren GolspinkGordon MuirDavid Dixon
2006Brett AllenJonathan CreaseyDavid Flegg
2007Stephen McBurneyDarren WilsonSteven Axon
2008Brett RoseburyAdam CootePeter Nastasi
2009Brett RoseburyAdam CooteDavid Dixon
2010Shaun RyanIan BurrowsLuke Walker
2011Brett RoseburyMark ThomsonLuke Walker
2012Matt StevicIan BurrowsLuke Walker
2013Mathew NichollsNathan DoigLuke Walker
2014Matt StevicMark ThomsonChris Appleton
2015Matt StevicIan BurrowsAdam Wojcik
2016Matt StevicRob HaalaAdam Wojcik
2017Matt StevicRob HaalaLuke Walker
2018Matt StevicNathan DoigStephen Williams/ Steven Piperno