The AFL Umpires Association (AFLUA) Annual General Meeting / Awards Function was held online on February 7, 2022.

We are pleased to welcome this year’s Executive Committee, which will comprise:

# President – Brett Rosebury

# Vice-President – Adam Wojcik

# Executive Members – Andrew Stephens (Field Umpire Representative); Lachlan Rayner (Boundary Umpire Representative); Steve Piperno (Goal Umpire Representative)

# CEO – Rob Kerr

The AFLUA Executive Committee is responsible for the strategic direction and management of our organisation. The President, Vice-President and CEO account for the leadership of the Association. The three Executive Members are involved in the management of Association affairs, including representing their specific umpiring disciplines.

As part of further updates to the AFLUA Inc. Rules at this AGM, a new Executive position for an AFLW Representative was created. Nominations will be called for this role soon.

The AFLUA would also like to thank outgoing Executives David Harris (Field Umpire Representative) and Michael Marantelli (Boundary Umpire Representative) for their valuable contributions while in office and to the umpiring community.

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