AFL Rookie umpires have a tough but rewarding time in each season they are “supplementary listed” and given an AFL contract to sit on a bench as an emergency field umpire.

They are often required to sit in an AFL game and then the next day go out to umpire in their own state leagues.  So it is often a long season, but as Cameron Barr from NSW said, “I wouldn’t change anything, I have learned so much from sitting on the bench just listening to the communication.”

Ex AFL listed field umpire, Heath Ryan umpires the VFL grand final with current rookie Daniel Butcher.  In SA long time umpire, Leigh Haussen umpires his 6th SANFL grand final along with another rookie, Rowan Hundertmark.  Across in WA, rookie Matt Adams misses his first grand final in four years but will sit as the emergency.  While Nathan Williamson umpires his 2nd WAFL grand final.

In the NEAFL grand final NSW rookie, Liam Rowe said, “The game was an absolute cracker.”  GWS got up over Sydney by four points.

Congratulations to all of those appointed to our kindred associations, grand finals.


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