Rob O’Gorman umpired his first ANZAC Day match on Monday as a field umpire. 

Rob reflected on the day saying that it was truly a great experience, something he will remember it for a long time to come. 

To snare a spot alongside Scotty and Schmitty for this year’s Anzac Day clash was a great surprise and immense privilege. A long wait across the weekend was made all worthwhile when the weather gods turned on a perfect Monday Melbourne day. The drive in and customary greetings had a familiar feel but there was also an unspoken sense amongst the group of the importance of the occasion and collective genuine excitement to be involved. 

Entering the ground early allowed time for our usual warm ups and then an opportunity to soak in the crowd, surrounds and witness the teams unite to enter through the one banner. A simple yet powerful symbol for the day. As we lined up for the ceremony, you could sense the build up continue all the way from the Last Post, minute silence, national anthems through to an almighty unleashing of noise that we will all remember for some time yet. Our challenge was to quickly focus in on what we had to do & be ready for anything that unfolded. The Pies dominance made it a one sided contest on the score board but it took little away from being involved in a significant day on the national sporting calendar. 



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