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Significant retirements announced

At the end of every season there is reason to celebrate many wonderful milestones, newly appointed finals umpires and umpires who step up to do grand finals.  We should never lose sight of those whose careers come to an end.  Four such careers have ended with the final round […]

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Age shall not define them

In this day and age of statistics and on the eve of another finals series it might be studious to look at what history tells us about umpire selection and finals.

The oft used expression attributed to British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, “Lies, damn lies and statistics allows us to […]

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An explosion of talent graces the G

Give a young girl or boy the opportunity to have a kick on the MCG and they will gravitate to it like bees to a honeypot.  Add a few umpires who are after all, frustrated footballers, an ex AFL player as the umpire and 22 Down Syndrome kids and […]

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A long but well-earned journey to 50 AFL Games

Having being told not to continue playing football at Mentone Grammar due to continuing shoulder problems, Courtney Lai turned his mind to waving the white flags and enjoyed it so much, that after a stint at the Southern Football League, he was promoted to the VFL and in the […]

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Mr Consistency achieves 200 games and bows out

Ask Gerard what his best trait is and he fires back his answer with no fuss, “My consistency.  I have umpired 22 games every year without failure.  I was never injured and I am always putting my hand up for selection.”  

That fact just cannot be disputed.  Gerard’s 200 […]

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Chelsea Roffey – “A reflective 200th”

“I felt so relieved when the game was over, I never realised I was that tense,” admitted a normally relaxed Chelsea Roffey who umpired her 200th AFL game in the Western Bulldogs v North Melbourne game at Etihad Stadium.   

Chelsea began her AFL career out of Brisbane in 2004 […]

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A small milestone but one none the least

It doesn’t matter what time you ring Shane the voice always says, “G’day mate, how are you going?” The voice is always chirpy and the question sincere.

“Can we chat about your 150 game milestone?” I requested.  “Really,” exclaims Shane, “It’s not really a milestone is it?”  After some discussion […]

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Round 22 shorts – Matt Stevic umpires 300 AFL games

Field umpire, Matt Stevic becomes the 21st field umpire and 40th umpire in the history of the game to officiate in 300 VFL/AFL matches.  Matt commenced umpiring on the AFL panel in 2004.  His games total includes 25 finals and three grand finals (2012, 2014 and 2015). Matt was […]

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