Harry Beitzel leaves Glenferrie Oval after suffering a leg injury in 1957.

Harry Beitzel leaves Glenferrie Oval after suffering a leg injury in 1957.

Until relatively recent times a replacement was an unlikely occurrence. From 1897 to 1991 only 27 known replacements were made and 16 of those were an emergency field umpire replacing a boundary. The ‘umpire with blood in your boots culture’ is borne out in such a statistic and to some extent backs up the folklore of struggling on through a game and hoping the recovery would be swift enough for them not to lose their place for the following round.

In the modern era under a possibly more enlightened injury and selection regime and perhaps with an eye on longer-term health and therefore career involvement, has led to umpires coming off when in previous years they might have forged on.

The introduction of the emergency goal umpire in home and away matches in 1993 has also provided for specialist replacements. In the modern era having an emergency field umpire step into the goals could prove an awkward (yet interesting) situation. No better example exists than the second ever goal umpire replacement which came in an ANZAC Day draw. There have been 14 goal umpire replacements, Adam Wojcik’s shoulder dislocation in round 9 2021 the last.

Overall Bryan Sheehan is the most replaced umpire. Between 1994 and 2003 he was replaced six times. There have been a number of multiple beneficiaries: Scott Jeffery leads the way, replacing team mates on four occasions;  Corin Rowe, Tristan Burgess, Keiron Nicholls, Mark Nash, Scott McLaren and Matt Stevic have come on three times in the field. Colin Hood remains the only goal umpire to come on twice.

A number of umpires have entered the game as emergency umpires and not umpired another match. In most cases they were country field umpires who often sat as emergencies but never took the next step.  Rowan Hundertmark, also a rookie, holds the unique position of coming on as a replacement and then leaving the match due to injury (cramp). He was not replaced.

In looking at the records I have discovered that for many replacements I have not known or recorded the full details. I know who replaced who but often not at what stage of the game or for what reason. You can help!

Were you replaced or a replacement? Can you remember the circumstances?

Below is a table showing what we know.

If you can add to it please contact the AFLUA historian-statistician with details at aflua.historian@gmail.com or SMS or call 0408 509 960.

1939GFMELBOURNECOLLINGWOODM.C.G.Bill BlackburnAlan CowardDuring second quarter (elbow)
194211HAWTHORNRICHMONDGLENFERRIE OVALPatty MorganLen PortAt half-time (leg)
194216NORTH MELBOURNEESSENDONARDEN STREETFrank SpokesLen PortAt half-time (leg)
195211NORTH MELBOURNESOUTH MELBOURNEARDEN STREETCliff DunnLeo WrightAt half time (collapsed during interval)
19531SFOOTSCRAYESSENDONM.C.G.Bill BarbourFrank Mariner (B)At three-quarter time (ankle)
195717HAWTHORNESSENDONGLENFERRIE OVALSid TrimbleHarry BeitzelDuring the second quarter (leg)
19653FITZROYMELBOURNEBRUNSWICK STREETMark TurnerRay Calway (B)At quarter-time (stomach upset)
19681SGEELONGST.KILDAM.C.G.Graham Baker (B)Arthur Cook (B)At quarter-time (calf)
1968N1SOUTH MELBOURNENORTH MELBOURNELAKE OVALIan ArtsoRay Frost (B)During the second quarter (hamstring)
19697ST.KILDAESSENDONMOORABBINBernie SidlerArthur Cook (B)At quarter-time (leg)
19711GEELONGST.KILDAKARDINIA PARKHarvie LyonsJohn SutcliffeDuring the third quarter (leg cramp)
19728RICHMONDHAWTHORNV.F.L. PARKMerv HindsonBill Sutton (B)During the final quarter (testicle)
197415ST.KILDAESSENDONMOORABBINWilliam NoonanGeoff Lee (B)
197421FOOTSCRAYST.KILDAWESTERN OVALNeil KearneyKevin C. Mitchell (B)At half time (glandular fever)
19753ESSENDONMELBOURNEWINDY HILLMerv Hindsonunknown (B)At three-quarter time (calf)
197511ESSENDONHAWTHORNWINDY HILLBob CroxfordKevin SmithDuring the second quarter (ankle)
197514ESSENDONCARLTONWINDY HILLGraeme WilliamsBill Sutton (B)At three-quarter time (calf)
19768ESSENDONGEELONGWINDY HILLMax TaylorMurray Williams (B)During the second quarter (diarrhoea). Williams returned 7 minutes later.
1977QFHAWTHORNNORTH MELBOURNEM.C.G.Geoff PolitesIan RobinsonDuring second quarter (corked thigh)
19787RICHMONDSOUTH MELBOURNEM.C.G.John CaulfieldIan RobinsonAt quarter-time (strained calf)
197913MELBOURNEGEELONGV.F.L. PARKPeter HoweRay ProsserDuring third quarter (leg)
19824SYDNEYFITZROYS.C.G.Shane FisherMike DyeDuring second quarter (unknown)
198214CARLTONHAWTHORNPRINCES PARKRobert GuttersonStephen Donohue (B)During the first quarter (broken leg)
198219HAWTHORNCOLLINGWOODPRINCES PARKIan BennettPaul Nicholls (B)During the third quarter (Unconscious from collision)
198416NORTH MELBOURNECOLLINGWOODM.C.G.Brian WoodheadStephen Donohue (B)At quarter-time (calf)
198422ESSENDONNORTH MELBOURNEWINDY HILLBrett UpfieldMurray Williams (B)At half time (knee)
19918ESSENDONWEST COASTWINDY HILLDavid HowlettChris MitchellAt quarter-time (corked calf)
199214SYDNEYGEELONGS.C.G.Roger CrowhurstJohn HarveyAt half-time (calf)
19931CARLTONFITZROYPRINCES PARKMark NashAlan Hammond (B)At quarter time (hamstring)
199317NORTH MELBOURNEST.KILDAM.C.G.Michael VineyJustin Delaney (B)
199317WEST COASTADELAIDESUBIACO OVALGrant VernonPeter CameronDuring the final quarter (hamstring)
199318HAWTHORNCARLTONV.F.L. PARKJohn RussoHayden Kennedy
199320ESSENDONFOOTSCRAYM.C.G.Darren McCauleyMalcolm Owen (B)
199412MELBOURNECARLTONM.C.G.Geoff CaulfieldBryan SheehanDuring final quarter (leg - result of collision)
199424SYDNEYMELBOURNES.C.G.Micahel Heinrichs (G)Steve Shepherd (G)At half time (groin - struck by ball)
19954COLLINGWOODESSENDONM.C.G.Colin Hood (G)Laurie Page (G)During the third quarter (ankle)
19963FOOTSCRAYFITZROYWESTERN OVALKieron NichollsRowan SawersDuring the second quarter (groin)
199616NORTH MELBOURNEST.KILDAM.C.G.Jamie LoveBryan SheehanDuring the third quarter (hamstring)
19972PORT ADELAIDEESSENDONFOOTBALL PARKSteve Murphy (G)Anthony Squeo (G)At half time
19979FOOTSCRAYNORTH MELBOURNEM.C.G.Andrew MalcolmDarren GoldspinkAt half time (leg)
199720RICHMONDNORTH MELBOURNEM.C.G.Tim ShearerAndrew CoatesDuring the second quarter (concussion - result of collision)
19988ADELAIDERICHMONDFOOTBALL PARKTroy BurtonBryan SheehanDuring the final quarter (blood nose)
19989SYDNEYHAWTHORNS.C.G.Martin EllisPeter CareyAt half time (calf)
199810NORTH MELBOURNEGEELONGM.C.G.Craig DurhamGrant VernonDuring the second quarter (ankle)
199813HAWTHORNNORTH MELBOURNEV.F.L. PARKMatt NordenSteve HanleyDuring the second quarter
199821ST.KILDAWEST COASTV.F.L. PARKGavin DellerDarren GoldspinkAt half-time (leg)
199822BRISBANEST.KILDAGABBANeil O'Brien (G)Glen Dryburgh (G)At half-time (calf)
199913ST.KILDACOLLINGWOODV.F.L. PARKCorin RoweVince SerciaAt half-time (hamstring)
199917GEELONGFOOTSCRAYKARDINIA PARKMark NashShane McInerneyDuring the third quarter (ankle)
20003SYDNEYMELBOURNES.C.G.Troy BurtonMark McKenzieDuring the first quarter
20006CARLTONPORT ADELAIDEPRINCES PARKScott McLarenAndrew CoatesDuring the final quarter (corked thigh - result of collision)
200022GEELONGSYDNEYKARDINIA PARKDarren McCauleyGavin DoreDuring the first quarter (concussion - the result of a collision)
200022WEST COASTMELBOURNESUBIACO OVALMark NashMichael VozzoAt half-time (ankle)
20013MELBOURNEGEELONGM.C.G.Corin RoweSteve HanleyDuring the third quarter.
20014SYDNEYESSENDONS.C.G.Scott JefferyDavid HowlettDuring the final quarter (family injury at match - accompanied wife to hospital)
200113KANGAROOSPORT ADELAIDEMANUKA OVALKieron NichollsDarren MorrisDuring the first quarter (groin)
200121GEELONGBRISBANEKARDINIA PARKSteve HanleyGavin DoreAt half time (hamstring)
20028ESSENDONST.KILDADOCKLANDSGavin DoreRay KelseyAt three-quarter time (corked thigh)
200211ESSENDONPORT ADELAIDEDOCKLANDSColin RowstonMatt JamesDuring the first quarter (leg)
200211BRISBANEST.KILDAGABBAKatrina Pressley (G)David Morris (G)At three-quarter time (groin)
200214CARLTONRICHMONDM.C.G.Jason QuigleyHayden KennedyAt quarter-time
200218GEELONGKANGAROOSKARDINIA PARKSteve McBurneyStuart WennDuring the third quarter (ankle)
200221ADELAIDERICHMONDFOOTBALL PARKColin RowstonBryan SheehanDuring the second quarter (hamstring)
20031KANGAROOSST.KILDAM.C.G.Shaun RyanBryan SheehanAt half-time (hamstring)
20033WEST COASTST.KILDASUBIACO OVALDavid Shawcross (G)Wayne Hendrie (G)At half-time (knee)
200317BRISBANEPORT ADELAIDEGABBAMatt Lee-ArcherGavin DoreDuring the third quarter (calf)
200318GEELONGCOLLINGWOODDOCKLANDSCorin RoweBryan SheehanAt half-time (hamstring)
20046KANGAROOSWESTERN BULLDOGSMANUKA OVALShaun RyanGavin DoreDuring the second quarter (broken leg)
20046GEELONGADELAIDEKARDINIA PARKBrett RoseburyStefan GrunAt three-quarter-time (shoulder - the result of a collision)
20049ST.KILDAWEST COASTDOCKLANDSScott McLarenMichael AvonDuring the first quarter (dislocated elbow)
200414WESTERN BULLDOGSFREMANTLEDOCKLANDSHayden KennedyStefan GrunAt half-time (hamstring)
200416RICHMONDST.KILDADOCKLANDSDarren MorrisDarren GoldspinkFor 1 minute in the third quarter (blood rule)
200421COLLINGWOODPORT ADELAIDEM.C.G.Anthony Black (G)Steven Stirling (G)At half-time ( groin)
20052WEST COASTGEELONGSUBIACO OVALCraig HendrieDean MargettsDuring the third quarter (hamstring)
20054ST. KILDAMELBOURNEDOCKLANDSDarren MorrisKeiron NichollsDuring the third quarter (knee)
20055ESSENDONCOLLINGWOODM.C.G.David Flegg (G)Alf Galea (G)At half time (groin)
200517BRISBANE LIONSESSENDONGABBAMatt Lee-ArcherDarren MorrisAt three-quarter time (groin)
200614CARLTONGEELONGDOCKLANDSChris DonlonMartin EllisDuring the third quarter (calf)
200615ESSENDONST.KILDAM.C.G.Mathew HeadCraig HendrieAt half time (hamstring)
200618SYDNEYESSENDONS.C.G.James Savage (G)Sergio Villagra (G)At three quarter-time (hamstring)
200619HAWTHORNCARLTONM.C.G.Colin Hood (G)David Dixon (G)At quarter-time (ribs)
200622COLLINGWOODKANGAROOSM.C.G.Kieron NichollsMatt JamesAt three-quarter time (groin)
200710WEST COASTKANGAROOSSUBIACO OVALLuke FarmerMatt NichollsAt three-quarter time (hip)
200713ADELAIDEWEST COASTFOOTBALL PARKMatt StevicMatt JamesAt half time (calf)
20081WEST COASTBRISBANESUBIACO OVALTodd KeatingCraig HendrieAt three-quarter time (hamstring)
200813MELBOURNESYDNEYMANUKA OVALMichael AvonStefan GrunAt half time (hip)
200815HAWTHORNSYDNEYM.C.G.Martin EllisDamien SullyDuring the final quarter (ankle)
200818WESTERN BULLDOGSSYDNEYMANUKA OVALMichael AvonMatt NichollsFor half of the second quarter (collision). Nicholls resumed after half time.
200821WESTERN BULLDOGSESSENDONDOCKLANDSChris KamolinsCraig HendrieAt quarter-time (calf )
20091PORT ADELAIDEESSENDONFOOTBALL PARKSam HayScott JefferyDuring the final quarter (calf)
20094RICHMONDMELBOURNEM.C.G.Scott McLarenStuart WennDuring the second quarter
20098COLLINGWOODCARLTONM.C.G.Jeff DalgleishStefan GrunDuring the first quarter (ankle)
200911BRISBANECARLTONGABBAShane StewartJason ArmstrongDuring third quarter (foot - stress fracture)
201013CARLTONFREMANTLEDOCKLANDSShane StewartChris DonlonDuring the third quarter (collision)
201014GEELONGNORTH MELBOURNESKILLED STADIUMHeath RyanDamien SullyDuring the final quarter (leg)
20111ESSENDONWESTERN BULLDOGSDOCKLANDSMatt LeppardLuke FarmerAt three-quarter time (hamstring)
20113WEST COASTSYDNEYSUBIACO OVALDale Edwick (G)Adam Peacock (G)At half- time (groin)
201117BRISBANEGEELONGGABBABen RyanHayden KennedyDuring the first quarter (hamstring)
20123RICHMONDMELBOURNEM.C.G.Heath RyanJason ArmstrongDuring the third quarter (ankle)
20125RICHMONDWEST COASTDOCKLANDSTristan BurgessJason ArmstrongAt half-time (illness)
20126ESSENDONBRISBANEDOCKLANDSScott JefferyStefan GrunAt half-time (concussion- effects of player collision)
201210FREMANTLEADELAIDESUBIACO OVALJeff DalgleishTroy PannellAt quarter-time (illness-fever)
20132WESTERN BULLDOGSFREMANTLEDOCKLANDSChris Appleton (G)Courtney Lai (G)During the third quarter (knee)
20132COLLINGWOODCARLTONM.C.G.Tristan BurgessScott JefferyAt half-time (calf)
201323GEELONGBRISBANEKARDINIA PARKDavid HarrisChris KamolinsAt halftime (concussion)
20143NORTH MELBOURNEPORT ADELAIDEDOCKLANDSAndrew TalbotJason ArmstrongDuring second quarter (hamstring - result of collision)
20143ESSENDONCARLTONM.C.G.Nick FootJustin SchmittDuring the first quarter (calf)
20143GREATER WESTERN SYDNMELBOURNESYDNEY SHOWGROUNDSRob O'GormanBen RyanDuring the final quarter (ankle - player stood on foot)
20148ST.KILDACARLTONDOCKLANDSScott JefferyJordan BannisterDuring first quarter (calf)
20149ESSENDONSYDNEYDOCKLANDSTristan BurgessTroy PannellDuring the third quarter (concussion - collision)
201412PORT ADELAIDEST.KILDAADELAIDE OVALCurtis DeboyChris DonlonDuring the first quarter (collision). Donlon resumed after five minutes.
201413SYDNEYPORT ADELAIDES.C.G.Brent PawleySimon MeredithDuring the final quarter (brain haemorrhage )
201413WEST COASTGOLD COASTSUBIACOMatt AdamsMatt LeppardDuring the third quarter (hamstring). Leppard resumed shortly after.
201416NORTH MELBOURNEHAWTHORNDOCKLANDSMatt LeppardChris KamolinsThree-quarter time (calf)
201419COLLINGWOODPORT ADELAIDEM.C.G.Leigh HaussenScott JefferyDuring the final quarter (calf)
201519ST.KILDAFREMANTLEDOCKLANDSMatt StevicShane McInerneyAt half-time (groin)
201521COLLINGWOODRICHMONDM.C.G.Matt StevicChris DonlonAt three-quarter time (groin)
20164BRISBANEGOLD COASTGABBAJames WaldorffRay ChamberlainAt half-time (heel)
20178ADELAIDEMELBOURNEADELAIDE OVALRowan HundertmarkCraig FleerDuring the second quarter (concussion)
20178NORTH MELBOURNESYDNEYDOCKLANDSLeigh HaussenTroy PannellDuring the second quarter (hamstring)
201710MELBOURNEGOLD COASTALICE SPRINGSDylan Benwell (G)Luke Walker (G)During the first quarter (blood-struck by ball)
201722CARLTONHAWTHORNDOCKLANDSCurtis DeboyAndrew StephensAt three-quarter time (calf)
20183SYDNEYGWSS.C.G.Cameron BarrTroy PannellDuring the final quarter (hamstring)
20184GEELONGST.KILDAKARDINIA PARKDavid HarrisAndrew StephensDuring the final quarter (calf)
20189ESSENDONGEELONGM.C.G.Nathan WilliamsonJustin SchmittDuring the second quarter (hamstring)
201816ESSENDONCOLLINGWOODM.C.G.Scott JefferyNick FootAt half-time (calf)
201818PORT ADELAIDEGWS GIANTSADELAIDE OVALLewis GilesAndre GianfagnaDuring the third quarter (calf)
201919PORT ADELAIDEGWS GIANTSADELAIDE OVALJamie BroadbentLeigh FisherDuring the second quarter (calf)
201922FREMANTLEESSENDONPERTH STADIUMDan JohansonAlex WhettonDuring the second quarter (concussion)
20203FREMANTLEPORT ADELAIDECARARRADean MargettsDavid HarrisDuring the final quarter (hamstring)
20213NORTH MELBOURNEWESTERN BULLDOGSDOCKLANDCameron DoreAndre GianfagnaDuring the final quarter (hamstring)
20217RICHMONDWESTERN BULLDOGSM.C.G.Eleni GlouftsisDavid HarrisDuring the first quarter (calf)
20219RICHMONDGWS GIANTSDOCKLANDSLuke Edwards (G)Adam WojcikDuring the final quarter (shoulder - result of a collision)
202110GEELONGGOLD COASTKARDINIA PARKNick JankovskisNick FootAt half-time (calf)
202121RICHMONDNORTH MELBOURNEM.C.G.Michael PellHayden GavineDuring the third quarter (concussion test- collision). Gavine resumed after 13 minutes.
202210ADELAIDEST.KILDAADELAIDE OVALGiles LewisDavid HarrisDuring the pre-match warm-up