Like most umpires, Hayden Gavine’s introduction to umpiring started when he was young, at the age of 13, when he ran the boundary in the Under 18’s and Seniors on Saturday and ran the field on the Sunday in the Juniors. Hayden took up umpiring after being encouraged by a friend, so that he could save money for a cricket trip to the UK/Ireland in 2008.

In the following year, Hayden umpired the Under 18’s in the field for the first half of the year, before heading overseas to UK/Ireland. On his return, he umpired his first senior game in the field at the age of 14.  The following year saw his continued rise in the umpiring ranks when he was appointed to the Peninsula (A-grade) grand final, the youngest ever field umpire to do so.  He then umpired the next two Peninsula grand finals before his appointment to the VFL at the age of 17 in 2012.

Hayden continued to show promise with a TAC Cup preliminary final appointment in his first year before being promoted to the VFL Senior squad in 2013.  He umpired 70 VFL, 15 AFLV Development League and 15 TAC Cup games including 2 VFL grand finals in 2015 and 2016 before his promotion to the AFL.  He cites his career highlight as the appointment to the 2015 grand final.

Hayden was enjoying an end-of-season trip with his girlfriend Madi in London when he received a call from Adam Davis at 1am London time. Being ever cool and calm, Hayden rolled over and went back to sleep waking at 6am to a message from Leigh Haussen congratulating him on his promotion. Hayden, now maybe not so cool and calm, rang Adam Davis and was told of the good news with the following “I hope you bought your running shoes overseas because you’re on the AFL list next year.”  Needless to say, the jetlag immediately wore off with Hayden and Madi waking the remainder of the hotel with shouts of joy and excitement. If you’re going to get a phone call like that, you might as well go all the way.

Hayden cites Tony Hales and Peter Marshall as the most influential persons on his early career, based on their encouragement and the faith they placed in him. Since his arrival at the VFL, Cameron Nash has played a key influential role in his success as a VFL umpire.

Hayden’s primary motivators are competition, enjoying success, getting the best out of himself and his family, who have been a great support to his umpiring career to date. His advice for upcoming umpires, “Stick at it, never give up, your time might be just around the corner.”

Hayden looks up to two AFL field umpires in particular – Jeff Dalgleish and Brett Rosebury – for the composure during games. He is looking forward to getting to know more of the AFL umpires and learning more tricks of the trade along the way.

Hayden is a cook at Manhattan in Mornington and has just completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science.  His hobbies include cooking, food, travel and skiing.

Hayden has just returned from a one month trip overseas touring the UK and Europe. During his trip he maintained his fitness by running, x-training and hotel workouts.

Welcome aboard Hayden, we wish you all the best for the season ahead!

Article written by: AFLUA Marketing and Communications Coordinator – Peter Kelly

 Hayden Gavine

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