Reg Treloar

Reginald Treloar umpired  34 VFL matches as a boundary umpire including grand finals in 1914 and 1920. He debuted in round three 1927, a two point thriller at Arden Street and began what would be a record setting run of finals appointments that same year. His first two finals were both Second Semis in 1927 and 1928 and both featured Collingwood who dominated the competition. The following year Treloar was appointed to his first of eight Grand Finals. As the ‘Pies completed their hatrick of premierships.

Two more seasons passed before another Grand Final – 1933 Richmond v. Carlton – and a further two before Treloar was appointed to both the 1935 and 1936 premiership deciders. It was during the 1935 season that Treloar was one of the goal umpires at a game that was halted by an invasion of small boys.

In a marketing ploy a miniature balloon was sent across the ground during the third quarter and showered the ground with small parachutes and papers. Police chased the boys all over the ground much to the crowds delight.

Even though he had umpired four Grand Finals, Treloar’s most successful period was still to come. From 1938-1941 he umpired a VFLhigh 66 matches but most impressively he officiated in Grand Finals in each of those four seasons. The 1939 Grand Final saw Treloar a player in the sensation of the finals series. During the second quarter field umpire Alan Coward collided with a player and hit the ground, dislocating his shoulder. Blackburn took over from him, and immediately asserted his presence. While Coward was down, Wartman of Melbourne steamed and kicked a goal over Treloar’s head. He looked for the all-clear, but replacement umpire Bill Blackburn, to the hoots of derision from Melbourne supporters, did not give it deciding he had not seen the relevant part of the play.

Treloar retired at the end of the 1942 season. He was elected a life member of the VFLUA in 1938 and was a member of the AFLUA Team of the Century.