Lindsay Lancaster

Boundary umpire
181 matches

Goal umpire
47 matches

32 finals
12 Grand Finals

Lindsay Lancaster’s contribution to umpiring and Australian Football extended from a successful on-field career through to service to the VFLUA as an Executive Member and to the VFL as a member of the Umpires’ Appointment Board. After two seasons service to the VFA as a boundary umpire, Lindsay joined the VFL in 1934 in the same capacity — and thus began a career unparalleled before or since. In his eleven seasons as a VFL boundary umpire, he umpired eleven VFL Grand Finals!!

These games were part of a 181 VFL match record and included a record 29 finals matches and two interstate matches. Lindsay retired from the boundary in 1945 and immediately transferred to the goals where he was placed on the senior list. Over the next three years, he added 47 games to his tally, with the 1947 Grand Final being the pinnacle of his time in the goals.

In all, Lindsay’s career spanned 228 VFL matches, 32 finals and an astonishing 12 Grand Finals. Off the field during those years, he was heavily involved in Association affairs.

Treasurer from 1935-37 and Secretary from 1938-44, it was Lindsay’s stewardship that saw the VFLUA through the dark, wartime years. The Association maintained links with many of its members in the armed services and it was Lancaster who corresponded with them on the VFLUA’s behalf. In 1941, Lindsay was elected Life Member of the VFLUA.

After some time off from direct involvement in umpiring, Lindsay returned in 1950 as a member of the VFL Umpires’ Appointment Board. He was a member of the board for the next 21 seasons and, for three of those, was Chairman. In 1970, he was awarded the ANFC Certificate of Merit for outstanding services to football – one of the few umpires so honoured. In addition, he was also a VFLUA Special Award recipient for outstanding service to the Association by a Life Member. Lindsay Lancaster is a member of the AFLUA Team of the Century.