Since 1994 AFL field umpires have been allocated shirt numbers in much the same way and for much the same reason as players. Below are the numbers issued to AFL Field Umpires in 2015.

A list of match totals by the wearers of each number is available here.

A history of shirt numbers is available here.

2016 NumberUmpire's name
1Chris Donlon
2Nick Foot
3Leigh Fisher
4Luke Farmer
5Jordan Bannister
6Dean Margetts
7Jeff Dalgleish
8Brett Rosebury
9Matt Stevic
10Rob O'Gorman
11Curtis Deboy
12Andrew Stephens
13Nick Brown
15Matthew Nicholls
16Brendan Hosking
17Justin Schmitt
18Ray Chamberlain
19Chris Kamolins
20Sam Hay
21Simon Meredith
22Jack Edwards
23Rob Findlay
24David Harris
25Shaun Ryan
26Craig Fleer
27Ben Ryan
28Troy Pannell
29Scott Jeffery
30Shane McInerney
31Andrew Mitchell
32Jacob Mollison
33Brent Wallace
34Matt Adams (Rookie)
35Nathan Williamson (Rookie)
36Leigh Haussen (Rookie)
37Rowan Hundertmark (Rookie)
38James Waldorff (Rookie)
39 Alex Whetton (Rookie)
40Cameron Barr (Rookie)
41Liam Rowe (Rookie)
42 Daniel Butcher (Rookie)
43Andre Gianfagna(Rookie)
44Shane Stewart (Rookie)