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Round 22 shorts

Veteran goal umpire, Jason Venkataya waved his flags for the 211th time in an AFL game on Friday night and bowed out of football.  In a great show of support for Jason all of the officiating umpires waited in the centre of the MCG for Jason to finish his […]

Allan Cook finishes seventh

AFLUA Life member Allan Cook represented Australia in the masters 800 metre race at the IAAF world athletics championships being held in Beijing.

Allan recorded a time of 2.05.59 to finish seventh in the final. Allan who turns 53 on October 30 this year finished 4.5 seconds behind the winner, […]

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A remarkable career – John Morris 300

Boundary umpire John Morris has stood the test of time.  A Benjamin Button type – the older he gets the younger he looks and more importantly on the football field, the better he performs.

The Melbourne based boundary umpires and their coaches sat down to dinner with him last night […]

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A positive approach ensures 200 games

Chris Appleton only looks forward and focuses on what he can control.  His hiatus in 2010 has been put to bed a long time ago.  “I use my experiences during that time as a spur.  I am not bitter at all, I have always considered myself lucky to get […]

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James Savage – Life Member

In this stats driven environment of AFL football we can be forgiven for looking at James’ career of 12 years (2003-2014), 136 games and assume his presence was a solid one and move onto the next stat.

However, we all fall into the trap of not looking at the man […]

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My day with the AFL Umpires

Written by: Keziah Glenane – Kez participated in the Round 19 Fiona McBurney Match Day Experience.

I was very excited and nervous when we went to Melbourne for the AFL match where I would be at the coin toss. I practised for a while with coins and I got to […]

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David Harris – 50 games

I caught up with David Harris this afternoon as he was wrapping up his day for the Geelong umpires where he works as their administrator and while he was waiting for another bush umpire, Shaun Ryan to pick him up for their trip to Melbourne to train.

Both boys hailed […]

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AFLUA life member, Vic Henderson passes away

Ninety-seven years young and still attending functions with stories and anecdotes of years gone by was our esteemed life member, Vic Henderson.  Vic passed away last Friday.

Vic began umpiring in 1948 on the VFL Reserve Grade as a boundary umpire.  Between 1952-54 he became a field umpire on the […]

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