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    AFL umpires to learn from US best in self-funded end-of-season trip to New York City

AFL umpires to learn from US best in self-funded end-of-season trip to New York City

AFL umpires will meet some of the top whistle blowers in American sport on an end-of-season trip to New York.

Please click here to view the full article from Fox Footy.

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Round 22 – Shorts

Shane McInerney heralded in his 400th game on Saturday with a panel of significant experience.  Between the nine officiating umpires there was a total of 1873 games of AFL football including 131 finals and 19 grand finals.  Boundary umpire Drew Kowalski was the least experienced with 82 games under […]

Shane McInerney joins the greats

The ground announcer’s voice boomed across the MCG on Saturday night as the umpires entered the arena “………and congratulations to field umpire Shane McInerney on umpiring his 400th AFL game.”  The scoreboard cameras had focused on him, it was Shane’s moment in the sun where the broader footballing public […]

A wily veteran lands 200 AFL games

Run your eye down the list of boundary umpires that front up week after week, do their job and go home you’d struggle to name most of them.  They are the unheralded men of footy.  They have to run harder, faster and further than anyone else who takes the […]

Long apprenticeship pays off

Field umpire Andrew Mitchell (Mitch) walked onto Blundstone Arena on Saturday quietly confident that he could handle whatever the game threw at him.  “I had an eight year apprenticeship in the VFL with almost 150 senior games of experience.  Five years ago it wasn’t kick, mark, play on as […]

Umpire Shaun Ryan is back with a bounce

Shaun Ryan has not thumped a football into the turf since the last quarter of the 2011 grand final, and his back feels all the better for it.

Please click here to view the full article from The Age newspaper.

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Round 21 – Shorts

The comebacks continued from VFL to AFL this week.  Simon Meredith and Chris Kamolins were back from long term injury and illness.  Both of these experienced umpires bolstered the ranks and brought a level of experience to the group.  

Caught the pre-match comments from a Perth radio station before […]

Open door coaching for older legends

The AFL Umpiring Department in collaboration with the AFL Umpires Association opened its training and coaching doors on Wednesday afternoon and evening to our retired umpires who wanted to see if things were done any differently in the modern era. Twenty-three past umpires joined the current group and were […]

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